Tarvisio in the Summer

Under the stewardship of Tarvisio is an area among the very finest in the eastern Alps, with its protected forests, the Parco Regionale di Fusine Laghi, and the Santuario del Monte Lussari, symbol of the peaceful encounter between the three distinctive European ethnic groups. Alpine and Nordic and Alpine skiing, as well as shopping, are only some of the many opportunities visitors enjoy.

There are a host of other possibilities as well, since Tarvisio hosts museums and various exhibitions that take place throughout the year. In summer, the striking side valleys in the Tarvisio area are ideal for strolls and hiking. A dense network of trails and, for the more expert, rock climbing routes of various levels of difficulty all lead to numerous well-equipped rifugi, or mountain hostels, in the Julian Alps.

Or spend time exploring the town. From Tarvisio’s Via Romana, a street on ancient origins at the upper edge of the city, take Via delle Pinete. You will quickly reach the Parco Cervi, Stag Park, near the trailhead for the path that winds along the bottom of the slopes of Monte Borgo. Just before the park, take the small footbridge over the Rio Borgo and take the path the gently ascends with easy steps of wood, and enters a wooded hillside particularly impressive for its centuries-old red fir and beech.

The path climbs quickly, flanking the side of the park, and then the path follows the road heading east, towards Tarvisio Centrale. This section runs completely in the woods, with frequent breaks offering wide-ranging, panoramic views towards Tarvisio, towards the mountain groups of the Mangart and the Ponze, and towards Mount Priesnig and Mount Florianca. You then continue comfortably along the ski run in the woods, surrounded by numerous species of trees– red fir, Scotch pine, beech , mountain ash–, then dip slightly to reach a well-marked fork at 825 metres. Here leave the road and go left along a comfortable trail that cuts across the slope halfway up the mountain.

Not to be missed is a visit to the Santuario del Lussari, site of the “holy” mountain of the same name, symbol of the spiritual union between the three Alpine peoples and therefore called “of the Three Peoples.” Dedicated to the Madonna dei Lussari, the sanctuary was built, according to legend, by order of the Patriarch of Aquileia, on the spot where, in 1360, a shepherd from Camporosso found amidst the bushes a lovely wooden statue of the Madonna with child. This statue, believed to be the original, is still venerated on the high altar. The air of the sacred here is perhaps just one more reason that the views here on Monte Santo di Lussari are so romantic.grandiosi panorami circolari delle Alpi italiane. At an altitude of 1,789 metres, in a position that looks out over the entire Val Canale and the spacious bowl of the Tarvisio area, is perhaps one of the most grandiose vistas of the Italian Alps. The ancient tradition of summertime pasturing in the Alpine uplands, to which the Sanc tuary owes its origins, still continues on the nearby Lussari malga. In the pastures all around, cows with their cowbells give an additional touch of local colour to the mountain scenery. At lower altitudes in the forests lumber-cutting continues, too, modernised now but still regulated by ancient customs.

Summer sports available in Tarvisio are:

– Hiking
– Rock climbing
– Mountain biking
– Fishing
– Water sports

– Hang-gliding
– Tennis
– Nordic Walking
– Mushrooming
– Golf

– Horseback riding
– Dog sledding
– Skating
– Adventure park attractions